New kinda Colorado crazy

The Colorado House Judiciary Committee hearing for HB24-1071 was bananas. The chair allowed the audience to boo and heckle. The sergeant-at-arms was called to eject a witness. Legislators fawned over a convicted felon.

If you live in Colorado and have paid little attention to your legislature, this will be a rude awaking, especially if you’re gay or lesbian. In our names, gender-affirmative absolutism has taken hold of our statehouse.

For example… Do you think your sexual orientation is a characteristic protected under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act? Think again. In 2021, the Colorado Legislature deleted the word “homosexual” from the law and changed the entire definition of sexual orientation.

Don’t believe me? Read it and weep: New and improved Hate State

Who’s leading the charge to redefine gays and lesbians? Your super-majority Colorado Dems with a big push from One Colorado. Stay tuned.

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