Denver Health promotes gender surgery


The Denver Health and Hospital Authority began performing gender-related surgeries in 2018. Here are two videos produced and distributed by Denver Health promoting these procedures.

“I am in the Right Body”: Gender Confirmation Surgery at Denver Health

This video was published by Denver Health on January 10, 2019, along with this description:

Camille Hansen was one of the first patients to go through mtf gender confirmation surgery at Denver Health in 2018. In this video, she talks about her long journey and why Denver Health’s LGBTQ+ Health Services is the place to go for her care.

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PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: Well, it was kind of in kindergarten and first grade when in gym the boys and girls were gendered and separated and so I’d always go to the girls side. That was really when it started going like, okay, obviously you guys have made a mistake. I’m supposed to be here. When I found that term gender dysphoria, I was just so excited that I had a term. Honestly, when that diagnosis came, I almost felt like that was my, like, Willy Wonka golden ticket. Like, this is it. That’s me. Let’s get this show on the road.

SURGEON CHRISTOPHER CAREY, M.D.: Gender is a condition. You have the gender you have, and the gender that you have may or may not match your genitalia. Gender dysphoria. The dysphoria is the bad feeling and the pain — the dis-ease — of having to deal with it.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: When I saw Dr. Carey, I actually cried. I cried. It was such a big moment. And because it was actually happening. And, any questions, he was on top of it.

SURGEON CHRISTOPHER CAREY, M.D.: I’ve been involved with the care of patients with gender dysphoria for more than 30 years. In a lot of the country, the care is fragmented and the surgeon isn’t really involved with the psychiatry. At Denver Health, we’re pretty unique in that we offer all of this in one center, one place with coordination between all of the people that are involved with it.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN (in postoperative setting): I feel like I’m in the right body.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: Dr. Carey, to me, was a guardian angel because not only was he able to make my dreams come true. But he had the experience, the knowledge, and I will even say the courage, because there are some institutions that will not go to transgender health care for one reason or the other. And so I see him as an advocate for us.

SURGEON CHRISTOPHER CAREY, M.D.: I care for patients who need care, who can’t get it somewhere else. That’s what we do at Denver Health. Our LGBTQ community face hurdles in getting all kinds of medical care, whether it’s treatment for a cold or getting your flu shot. You may be anywhere along this journey. Whatever you may need, we have mechanisms to provide it.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: If you have an inkling, you know, that you want to do this, this is the place to do it.

Denver Health Gender Confirmation Surgery: 💙 Your Identity

This video was published by Denver Health on June 12, 2019, along with this description:

Denver Health is proud to be the recognized leader in gender confirmation surgery (commonly known as gender reassignment surgery) in Colorado and surrounding states. This video includes testimonials from patients and information about the specialized training Denver Health surgeons go through, under a partnership with Dr. Marci Bowers, a world-renowned pioneer in the field of gender confirmation surgery.

The following gender confirmation surgeries and procedures are now offered at Denver Health:

  • Bottom surgery including vaginoplasty, hysterectomy, orchiectomy
  • Metoidioplasty (in development)
  • Top surgery including breast augmentation and chest reconstruction
  • Facial feminization surgery or FFS
  • Hormone replacement therapy or HRT
  • Tracheal shave

Denver Health is the only hospital in Colorado that offers a continuum of care before, during and after transgender surgeries. Denver Health gender confirmation surgeon Jennifer Hyer, M.D./OB-GYN explains why Denver Health is the right choice for gender confirmation surgery.

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Learn more about Transgender care at Denver Health at:


PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: For me, I wanted to go deeper with it. Not just a girl when I have clothes on.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN (in postoperative setting): I feel like I’m in the right body.

TITLE CARD: The recognized leader in gender confirmation surgery in Colorado and surrounding states

SURGEON JENNIFER HYER, M.D.: You should come to Denver Health for this surgery because we’ve worked hard to build a program that is competent and compassionate and we’ll do everything we can to take good care of you and your family. We were able to partner with Dr. Marci Bowers, who’s really a pioneer in this field. This is a huge surgery. It’s a huge surgery that changes a lot about your life. But it’s not the end all, be all to your transition. Denver Health is special to the LGBT community because we offer care throughout your lifetime.

TITLE CARD: The only hospital in Colorado that offers care before, during and after gender confirmation surgery

SURGEON JENNIFER HYER, M.D.: It’s a pretty special thing that I don’t think a lot of health care systems have.

PATIENT CAMILLE HANSEN: I feel like I can help other girls go through this and be like, No, seriously, it’s amazing. It’s safe. It’s where, you know, if you have an inkling, you know, that you want to do this, this is the place to do it.

UNIDENTIFIED PATIENT: The care team here is great.

SURGEON JENNIFER HYER, M.D.: This surgery is important to me because it really, truly changes people’s lives.

About Denver Health

Governed by an eleven-member board appointed by Denver’s mayor, the Denver Health and Hospital Authority is a safety-net health system providing services regardless of patients’ ability to pay. Denver Health receives funding from the City and County of Denver and the State of Colorado. In addition, Denver Health is supported by a nonprofit foundation that solicits donations. Some LGBTQ+ initiatives at Denver Health are driven by private charitable contributions.

Denver Health provides pediatric interventions including puberty blockers and hormones with parental approval. Their website states:

“As of July 2022, our plastic surgeons offer chest reconstruction (mastectomy) to youth ages 16 and older. We offer other gender affirming surgeries (hysterectomy, vaginoplasty, orchiectomy, and tracheal shaves) to patients ages 18 and older. These age cutoffs may change with updated WPATH guidelines so please contact our Patient Advocate at 303-602-5699 with questions, or you may complete a surgical interest form here.”